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Sorry but due to dishonest people stealing our designs,

we no longer post actual rear axle and swingarm assembly photos.

All relevant info/descriptions are below;

Rear Axle Assembly & Swingarm
Information and Specifications and Prices

Rear Axle Housing Assembly, Assembled and ready to paint .

Our Standard Rear is the 38 inch Wide from Drum to Drum

There is an additional charge of $200 for CUSTOM Width housings.The Widest avalable is 45 1/2" and the Narowest is our Standard 35 1/2" wide Rear

The U.S.Trikes Housing assembly comes completely assembled, and the Differential is even
The Housing is jig-aligned and MIG-welded, using CNC machined Mosier engineering axle
tubes ends, 4130 Chrome Moly 2.5 inch O.D, 125 wall tubing. CNC Laser Cut adjusting plates
that are inch thick, CNC Laser cut center housing side plates that are 3/8 inch thick.
All crucial fitting parts are then finished on a Bridgeport Vertical Mill.

The housings are machined to accept any early 1964 to 1979 8 inch small bearing,
small Ford differentials, with 28 spline axles.
from Currie Enterprises, they are 28 spline Billet Steel Axles and Currie Ford reconditioned 8" Ford differential.
Bill Currie Axles are made to my specifications, and are also used in my Custom Width Rear Axle Housing Assembly.
We can also supply the Custom Width rear axle housing to your specs.

The wide-track Pioneer body style rear-axle assembly is 45 1/2 inches wide, drum to drum.

The Liberty and Patriot body axle brake surface to brake surface width is 38 inches wide, drum to drum for use of

up to 12 Section Width Tires.

These narrower housings are great for that wall-to-wall tire look.

The Rear Assembly comes Completely Assembled, Less Brakes, just add the Brakes of your choice, which are also available from Bill Currie Ford.
All that is left to do to the rear-axle assembly is clean, prime, and paint the color of your choice.

It is even Pre-Greased to be sure it is not overlooked.

Drive Sprocket-Price included with Rear Axle Assembly

All HD Models CHAIN-DRIVE only

Now available

BOTH CHAIN & BELT DRIVE kits for newer dressers FLT type and 2000 up Softails

$500.00 Extra, which includes a New Karata Billet Aluminum Pully

If you have a belt-drive, belt to chain conversions are available from
several sources for all Harley Davidson models. The drive sprocket of your choice will be supplied
and installed in your new U.S.Trikes axle housing and be spaced properly for your application with
my recommended optional front sprocket.

The housing has enough room to accept a belt-drive pulley. However I do not Build them with Belts.
I recommend a chain-drive. if you have ever paid someone to replace a belt you can just add on
approximately $500.00 + Towing, because your bike is now a TRIKE!
Also, you can change a chain alongside a road with a minimum of tools. Try doing that with a belt.
Chains take a little extra attention, BUT THINK ABOUT THIS; when did you ever see a rear belt on
a real drag bike or pulling trike? Chains are definitely stronger.

We use 8" Ford Rebuilt differentials and custom-made NEW Billet Steel Axles.

We do not use cut and re-splined stock axles.


To keep the axle-housing and kit affordable, and give the you the option of choosing your own
brake system, backing plates and brake parts are not included.
Brake parts from most 8 inch small bearing Ford brake systems will work (1964 to 1979) the
smaller the better.
Remember.....your trike does not weigh as much as a car. A good size would be: mustang, Comet,
Granada etc.
NOTE: Must be 8 inch 5 lug axles, known as "5 on 4 1/2 bolt pattern"
These smaller brake systems will work with 5/8 inch or 3/4-inch rear Harley master cylinders.
NOTE: 3/4-inch works best.

The 113 S&S powered trike on this website has a "Speedway Automotive"
Part# 835-100262, Black Gold Brake Kit Street Rod Wilwood Disc brake Kit. $550.00 option
It comes with two 4 piston black anodized calipers. The 3/4 inch FL/FX master cylinder that
I used is just a little on the small side, but makes them work Great, they feel like Power Brakes,
a 5/8 inch will NOT work with these calipers. This kit is a little bit of overkill for the weight
of the trike, but believe this; It DEFINITELY has great brakes.
All Brakes should use a Residual Valve.These Valves hold a little preshure on the Brake Pads or Shoes,allowing the Brake Pedel Not to have to travel down to far before engaging to the Drum or Rotor

Optional Electric Reverse

Fully installed, just connect 2 wires and you are ready to do backups without pushing with your feet

The reverse kit MUST be ordered with the electric reverse housing because the mounting for the
reverse motor is machined into the differential left-hand housing center BEFORE it is welded to
the housing center spacing ring.
A new center housing is available at an extra cost if not ordered initially.
The reverse kit comes pre-installed when ordered initially.

Swing Arm, Ready To Paint

All swing arms are made from 2 X 2 X 3/16 inch square steel tubing with CNC laser cut 1/2 inch
steel adjusting plates jig-aligned and MIG welded.

Front pivot pieces are machined from chrome-moly
seamless tubing, 2 X .188 wall and machined to take stock swing arm pivot bushings or bearings, whichever is applicable.

Standard Kit Swing arms are 2 inches longer than a stock length arm, for extra passenger room and better riding and a handling trike. Stock length is used with all FLT's, longer on request
Softails and Sportsters need a donor swing arm, which will be incorporated with our swing arm assembly.
( however, there will be no special application charges for Harley Davidson's)

OPTIONAL Shock Mounting Studs are available, $100 extra and use rear upper swing arm to axle adjusting plate hole as a shock mounting point on the rear axle assembly By using this point, stock Harley dresser air-shocks mounted at approx. 40 degree forward at the top
you will only need about 30 lbs. air pressure to carry a 150 lb. passenger and 5 or 10 lbs. to ride
solo. (This included the weight of our hand-laminated fiberglass body) our swing arms are mainly for
FL, FX, FLT and FXR.

Special applications charges are for chain-drive foreign bikes and metric HDs.




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